Darul hasanath islamic college
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Inside of Hasanath Grand Juma Masjid
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Hifz online application

Admission started for the year 2019-20 in Hifzul Quran College. Here is newly launched online web application to remotely apply for admission. The admission will be closed on 25-05-2019.

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Hudawi Course admission

Admission started for the year 2019-20 in Hudawi Course. The applicant who is younger than 12 years can apply. The admission will be closed on 25-05-2019.

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Darul Hasanath Islamic College

islamic college

Darul Hasanath Islamic College is one of the off-campuses of Darul Huda Islamic University, Chemmad. (Member, Federation of Islamic universities Cairo), which has become in course of time, a heritage of education par excellence and a bastion of Islamic tradition with difference. This institution is founded upon the educational philosophy of prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) aims at moulding wellversed Islamic propagators equipped with the knowledge of modern science and technology, social science and Holy Scriptures. Both religious and material knowledge are pursued here under one roof. Language is a barrier of the most of the eminent scholars of Islam in Kerala.To overcome this difficulty, students are given training in spoken and writing skills in four languages, i.e., Arabic, English, Urdu and Malayalam. As this institution moulds post graduated Ulema in Islamic studies and eminent graduates in material knowledge.


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Secretary, Darul Hasanath Islamiyya Complex
Kannadiparamba, Niduvat, P. O. Narath
Kannur District, Kerala, India
Telephone: 0091 497 2796938