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Inside of Hasanath Grand Juma Masjid
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Hifz online application

Admission started for the year 2019-20 in Hifzul Quran College. Here is newly launched online web application to remotely apply for admission. The admission will be closed on 25-05-2019.

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Hudawi Course admission

Admission started for the year 2019-20 in Hudawi Course. The applicant who is younger than 12 years can apply. The admission will be closed on 25-05-2019.

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Darul Hasanath Islamic Complex is a Charitable Institution established in 1993 for the sublime purpose of uplifting the downtrodden community which is socially, educationally and financially backward.Today, Darul Hasanath has grown into an asylum of the poor as a fruitful result of the tireless effort and sincere support of the generous hands and well-wishes.

Darul Hasanath wins the forefront of helping the destitute. It extends the help to poor girls marital expenses while giving respite to the starved, providing the patients with medical aid and taking their education as an acute responsibility. The Institution is today active in helping the deprived and sheltering the orphans. Besides, it prepares a group of talented boys equipped with both religious and material knowledge in order to make them able for Islamic exhortation.

To pursue its goals, Darul Hasanath is hoping for the generous hands as it has no permanent source of income other than the donation collected from the public.

Darul Hasanath Girls Orphanage & Destitute Home

This Institution shelters about 100 orphan girls and the destitute giving them food, clothing, medical aid, education and other daily needs. Vocational training, including computer operation is also facilitated for the immates. Moreover, it bears the marital expenses of the adult girls.

The girls having no supporting hands take shelter in the shade of the Orphanage. They feel at home here. A generation of educated and devout scholars are prepared in and released from this institution.

Darul Hasanath Islamic College

This institution aims at moulding well-versed Islamic propagators equipped with the knowledge of Modern Science and Technology, Social Science and Holy Scriptures. Language is a barrier of the most of the eminent scholars of Islam in Kerala. To overcome this difficulty, students are given training in oration and writing in four language-Arabic,English,Urdu and Malayalam.This makes them competent to counteract false propagations of orientalist,atheists,rationalists,communists and other anti-Islamic elements through pen, media and stages.

In a course of 12 years, the students are taught the following subjects: Quran,Hadith,Aqeeda,Arabic linguistics,logics,Islamic history, World history,Mathematics, Modern Science,Comparative religion,Sociology and Anthropology.Besides,they are given a chance to take a university degree in any subject of their choice. Any govt.job is not its aim.
Darul Hasanath Islamic College is one of the branches of Darul Huda Islamic Academy in Kerala, which is affiliated to AL-Azher,Cairo; Aligarh Muslim University, UP; Jamiya Milliyya, Delhi; Hamdard University and M.A.N. University.

Library and Reading Room

Darul Hasanath has a huge collection of the best books by major writers. Students as well as others rely heavily upon the library for reading and research. The books in Arabic, English, Urdu and Malayalam Language are definitely useful to enhance general knowledge and Islamic awareness of the people from all walks of life. Besides, various periodicals in different languages, and newspapers are also available here.

Juma Masjid & Quran study Centre

The juma Masjid here erected by Darul Hasanath is exceptionally beautiful, spacious and facilitated, where Quran study classes and religious discussions are held by various efficient scholars. They attempt to give precise and scholarly solution to the doubts related to the jurisprudence or belief.

Medical camp

Under the aegis of Darul Hasanath, free Medical camps are organized by the efficient doctors for the poor patients. They are provided with the medical consultation and sufficient treatment free of cost. The Medical Camp shelter the poor and keep them healthy and secure.

English Medium School

This institution was erected on the sublime intention of promoting Islamic education along with the proficiency in English language. The students here are taught government approved syllabuses coupled with Islamic Studies. It’s a sincere effort to bring the backward communities to the mainstream of society. The School prepares genius students in the various arena of arts sports, and literature promoted by Islam.

Islamic Madrasa for children

A madrasa is running under Darul Hasanath to impart the knowledge of Quran, Hadith and primary principles of Islam to the tender hearts. Scores of children are being taught in different divisions. The syllabus of the Madrasa is Scientifically prepared.


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Secretary, Darul Hasanath Islamiyya Complex
Kannadiparamba, Niduvat, P. O. Narath
Kannur District, Kerala, India
Telephone: 0091 497 2796938