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Welcome to Darul Hasanath


Darul Hasanath Islamic Complex is a Charitable Institution established in 1993 for the sublime purpose of uplifting the downtrodden community which is socially, educationally and financially backward.Today, Darul Hasanath has grown into an asylum of the poor as a fruitful result of the tireless effort and sincere support of the generous hands and well-wishes. Darul Hasanath wins the forefront of helping the destitute. It extends the help to poor girls marital expenses while giving respite to the starved, providing the patients with medical aid and taking their education as an acute responsibility. The Institution is today active in helping the deprived and sheltering the orphans. Besides, it prepares a group of talented boys equipped with both religious and material knowledge in order to make them able for Islamic exhortation. To pursue its goals, Darul Hasanath is hoping for the generous hands as it has no permanent source of income other than the donation collected from the public.

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Prophet Muhammad (SAS) (peace be upon him) said:
"Whoever strokes the head of an orphan, not stroking it for any other reason except to seek the pleasure of God, will be rewarded for every hair that his hand touches.

He also said:
Whoever treats an orphan girl or boy well, I will be with him on the Day of Resurrection like these," and he pointed to his two fingers, the index finger and the middle finger. Charity, preached by every religion of the world, is a way of bringing justice to society. And justice is the essence of religion, Islam has therefore made charity that is Zakah, obligatory and binding upon all those who embrace the faith; it has been made into an institution in order to give in permanence and regularity.

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Contact Us

Secretary, Darul Hasanath Islamiyya Complex
Kannadiparamba, Niduvat, P. O. Narath
Kannur District, Kerala, India
Telephone: 0091 497 2796938